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JULIA's fitness plan

The BodyWorxHub concept is embracing a healthy lifestyle including three pillars: Sweat, Smile & Repeat. A balanced combination of workouts for BODY & MIND, supported by a balanced and nutritius diet. Our objective is to create healthy, long-lasting habits that result in healthy & happy people.

SWEAT – Burn it baby! Workout your body! Let me motivate you to find joy in challenging your body, overcome obstacles and feel the progression, be proud of yourself!

SMILE – YOU Time, Zen Mode ON, Have fun, Enter in a bubble and feel your body moving to the beats. Get to know likeminded people, be part of a community

Repeat – Consistency is the Key! Learn how to build healthy habits that are adaptable to your Lifestyle and good for both Body & Mind

The Butterfly Effect 

Our logo is inspired by The Butterfly Effect which represents the idea that small things can have non-linear impact on a complex system. “Some systems… are very sensitive to their beginnings, so the tiniest push you initially give them can cause a big difference in their ending.” The wings in our logo stand for freedom, power and dynamics, as well as the physical, mental and behavioural change that happens to people after they become Bodyworx’ers. 

The BodyWorxHub- Butterfly Effect

The positive and vibrant energy of the community produces a positive impact on people who attend the training sessions, as they feel more energised, motivated and confident not only during the workout, but also in different areas of their lives. 

Tell us, why haven’t you started to work out yet? Maybe you are intimidated by the gym vibe because you feel like a total beginner? Or you are bored by the gym routine and you don’t see results?

Trust us, the BodyWorx’er Community makes working out fun again! 



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Outdoor Groups Classes | Functional HIIT Training  | Personal Training | Zumba | Salsa & Bachata | Zumba | Yin Yoga | Super Mums

"All Levels are welcome!
With BodyWorx I want to create an energizing and fun environment for all types of sport lovers, where everyone feels safe and welcome, whether you are a beginner or an advanced athlete"

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BodyWorxHub Founder & Coach

My name is Julia, originally from Germany but decided to move to sunny Barcelona several years ago to work in the technology field. Working in an office, I always missed a big passion of mine – fitness.

Sweat, smile & repeat is what I do! Before moving to Barcelona, I used to work in a gym as a fitness instructor and especially loved the interactive aspects, which has led me to create the BodyWorx Hub, the all-round body & mind health hub, where you can work on improving your fitness, destress from a busy day and connect with others in a fun way.

I love to motivate people to step out of their comfort zone, push them to achieve what they thought they couldn’t, as well as helping them to overcome their insecurities and learn to love their body!

I want to make people smile, give them a good time and teach them that getting fit doesn’t have to be boring.

What truly gets me going in the morning are the tired faces that turn into proud smiles at the end of every workout. The end of every workout.

Certified BodyBalance Instructor | Certified Pilates Instructor | Yin Yoga Teacher | HiiT Teacher | Certified Zumba Teacher | Salsa & Bachata Teacher | Certified Spinning Instructor | Certified BodyPump Instructor

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